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  • Just getting lost in #Venice today. #travel #Italy (at Grand Canal)

  • In an effort to avoid riding the Circumvesuviana, the train line between Naples and Sorrento that was constructed by Julius Caesar, I took a tour of Pompeii and visited Berlusconi’s favorite brothel. 

  • View from above Assisi. #travel #Italy #nofilter #Umbria #ttot (at Rocca Maggiore)

  • Found on the wall of Dempsey’s bar in Perugia. Swear I didn’t write it. #travel #Italy (at Dempsey’s Perugia)

  • Perugia Chocolate Porter is pretty tasty. #beer #Italy (at Dempsey’s Perugia)

  • It’s a strange sense of curiosity that guides one to Iceland’s unique museum. I’m happy it’s the only one in the world; a second would be overkill. Welcome to the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

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  • Back at Monkey Beach in Penang in 2008. #tbt #travel #Malaysia #beach

  • Disappointed I didn’t find any animals mauling the plastic-armor-clad gladiators at the Colosseum.

  • "Why not stake out a chunk of the world that is completely alien to you and go traveling?"
    Richard Powers, on writing. (via theparisreview)
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  • Found a stormtrooper at this bar in #Seoul. And he’s fabulous. #starwars #travel (at HOF & Potato)

  • Almost looks like Bruce Campbell on my beer label. (at Birra à porter)

  • Another walk through streets of Perugia. #Italy #travel (at Perugia, Italy)

  • “Is it a masterpiece or just some guy with his pants down?”
    The day I met Michelangelo’s David.

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  • View around town today. #travel #Italy (at Perugia, Italy)

  • Really need to pay closer attention to those postcards while traveling. h/t reddit